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Guidelines for Requesting a Book Review Pt.1 (Accepted Genres,What To Include In Request For Review)

Book Review Guidelines Pt.1
Introduction to Oh My Bookness
Explanation of Review Request/Interview Request/Where Reviews Are Posted And Time Frame

I'm a Book Reviewer and Blogger, I do reviews on books that I have read, currently read and I also do reviews upon request from authors, independent authors, freelance authors/ writers,publishers, published authors, and request from publishers. I do reviews as well as interviews both upon request. Interviews I mostly do pon request in respect to the author, if I have worked with [said author] or their publishers, handlers, etc. more than once I will ask if the author would like to do a review based around requested book, ask about any upcomings, background for example. I suggest a intereview because it helps in promoting your current book as well as ones self as well as creates a more personal connection with the readers. If you would like to do a interview for a upcoming book,on your latest book, on your book and little about yourself and how you started along with other questions revolving around how you started for example. If you would like to do a interview, I will e-mail a set of questions to whom ever requested the book review.
If you have already done a interview and would like to use that, I can post it as long as its recent (within the last 3-6months). 

A book review depending on the length takes a month max, if there is not others before the following request that was made, the earliest it can be done is in within 3 weeks.When book review is finished a set of links to where the Book Review and/or Interview will be sent to whom requested the review. If I may be the Author directly or Publisher. Since the Interview is conducted before the book review, the interview will be posted first with a "look out" for a review of the book that has been requested with a date so audience will keep a eye out for it and also help gain attention to the author and works. This Allows the audience to see what other books may have been published or check out authors site to learn more about him/her.

 If you need a review done by a certain date to follow a release, or promote, or for whatever reason please make a request for a date with reasonable time to read and write and post the review to multiple social median sites and places like Amazon. All reviews  are posted to Oh My Bookness Social Media Sites:

Twitter: @ohmybookness

And if available to purchase on Amazon a review will be posted there as well. If you would like it posted to anywhere else let the reviewer, Oh My Bookness know when review is requested.

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Basic Information: -Name
-Contact Inforamtion
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