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Guidelines for Requesting a Book Review Pt.1 (Accepted Genres,What To Include In Request For Review)

Book Review Guidelines Pt.1
Introduction to Oh My Bookness
Explanation of Review Request/Interview Request/Where Reviews Are Posted And Time Frame

I'm a Book Reviewer and Blogger, I do reviews on books that I have read, currently read and I also do reviews upon request from authors, independent authors, freelance authors/ writers,publishers, published authors, and request from publishers. I do reviews as well as interviews both upon request. Interviews I mostly do pon request in respect to the author, if I have worked with [said author] or their publishers, handlers, etc. more than once I will ask if the author would like to do a review based around requested book, ask about any upcomings, background for example. I suggest a intereview because it helps in promoting your current book as well as ones self as well as creates a more personal connection with the readers. If you would like to do a interview for a upcoming book,on your latest book, on your book and little about yourself and…

Guidelines for Requesting a Book Review Pt.2 (What to Include when Requesting Book Review)

Book Review Guidelines Pt.2What to Include When Requesting A Book Review

When requesting a review of your book, please include the following information:

Basic Information: -Name
-Contact Inforamtion
-What format of your book are you supplying for review; Digital or Print (I accept either form for reading, if it involves illustrations I do prefer physical copy so I can get a clear look at the detail and work that went into it and how it compliments and or adds to the book. This mostly applies to childrens books.)
 Again I accept either format digital or print(I do prefer print if you do not have the following formats I do accept as well. .Epub, .pdf, kindle. If you do not see your format up here please feel free to email me with any questions at 

-Is there a timeline for review to be finished? If no, you just have to include or say "I do not have a specific timeline for my review." I only ask if there is a timeline just in case author wants to have r…